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Mr. Prassana Gadkari Of IPSIT Projects, Talks About Their Affordable Housing Project At Palghar

Mr. Prassana Gadkari, CEO, IPSIT Projects, talks about their affordable housing project at Palghar, Times Property Expo & ongoing offers for the buyers

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Summer doesn’t spare anyone! The scorching heat is harsh on our bodies, our temper, and our day-to-day activities. Let us share some simple tips with you which will help you to combat the heat, better1

Water saves the day: There’s no substitute of water when it comes to cool our bodies. It’s very important to keep your body hydrated and cool; especially when you’re sweating a lot because of the summer heat. No other drink is cheaper than water and thankfully, it’s still available to most of us.

Cold food: Stay away from that oven as much as you can! Fill your refrigerator with juices, fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables such as cucumber, watermelon etc, which would help you to keep hydrated and cool. Make your food refreshing and delicious by adding ingredients such as lime, mint, rock salt etc. Avoid spicy and hot food as much as you can.

Chill your beddings: A great way to have a comfortable night’s sleep is to cool your mattress, pillows etc. by using sort gel icepacks. The same icepacks can be kept under your legs, neck or back as well for extra comfort. Try this for surprisingly excellent results. Flamingo Cool Pack is a good option and is available on Amazon.

Chrysanthemum Tea: Being a natural coolant, this helps you to keep cool. Try sipping on this tea, hot or cold. Tai Ju sells loose tea leaf tea on Amazon.

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A little past Wednesday mid-might Jetlite flight no. S2 3502 landed in Mumbai airport’s terminal 2 and an 25 years old journey ended – well apparently, for now, at least!

Jet Airways announced suspension of its operations on Wednesday with potential investors asking lenders to take an upto-80% haircut on their Rs 8,500-crore debt. After a long period of uncertainties and desperate attempts to save the ailing Airlines, the lack of interim funding has finally resulted into its close-down. The fall started with international operation and then came the domestic. Jet owes Rs 8,500 crore to its bankers, about Rs 3,000 crore to vendors and fuel companies which is in addition to the pending salaries of 16,000 of its employees.

Jet Airways has been India’s favorite Airline for 25 years. From its launch, the Airline stood out for its stylish, professional and customer-centric attitude. The crew, the ground-staffs, the remote customer care team – were well-trained to maintain this image of the Airline. Besides, the Airline was the one of the best paymasters among Indian Airlines.

The lenders have commented that they would like to rework all lease and engineering contracts of Jet and bring down lease rentals by half. Even after all these cuts, experts estimate that Jet will need up to Rs 20,000 crore over the next 3 years to resume and continue its operation.  

The Jet employees as well as lakhs of its passengers are now hoping that one of the four bidders - Etihad Airways, TPG Capital, Indigo Partners and NIIF, who have expressed interest for Jet Airways, would be chosen on May 10, by the lenders.

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Wedding season is here and besides all other sweet madness, food is one thing that is going to take the center stage. Let’s see how our plates would look like at wedding feasts:

Regional Cuisines is a hit: Indian regional cooking is gaining momentum and that’s getting reflected on wedding spreads as well. For last few years, in urban weddings, we saw a trend of international dishes in the menu; such as risotto, lasagne, or creme brulee but this year, regional dishes like daal baati churma, bohri samosa etc. are going to be served. We are already excited to sample some authentic regional food.

Moveable food counter: Meal on wheels has become a recent hit among Indians. Besides everyday eating out even modern wedding planners are experimenting with it, big time. Normally, Food trucks are used for serving Indian chaats like pani puri, kebabs, rolls etc. and even for global hits like sushi, mini burgers or cheese fingers,

Healthy food: Healthy eating has become one of the most popular eating styles these days. With increasing awareness about importance of eating right to keep fit, more and more people are considering to take the trend on to the wedding platter as well. From gourmet salads, wraps and rolls made with healthy grains, to desserts which are low on sugar – we are seeing the newest trend setting in,

If you are getting married this season, here are a few of the top wedding planners in Mumbai – Weddingwale, F5 Weddings, Weddings by Ekta Saigal Lulla, Bride & Baraat etc.

So, tie the knot and while we say Bon appétit!

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An array of new smart phones has been launched recently or is going to be launched soon in India in upcoming month. The technology enthusiasts and common public are equally excited about the new arrivals.

These upcoming smart phones are going to offer the newest innovations in mobile technology. Here is our list of a few of the much-awaited smart phones of 2019:


With a Display of 6.3-inch, LCD Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 RAM- 4/6GB Storage- 32/64GB Camera- 48MP+ Depth sensor, 13MP front camera Battery- 4000mAh this phone is a sure winner in its category.



OnePlus 7 Pro might feature top-end specifications and perhaps a more sophisticated design than the Regular Version. It is possible that this will come with top-end specifications, ranging from 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, coupled with probably a ceramic design.



Nokia 9 runs on Android 8 OS. Thos smart phone is available in more than three color options - Tempered Blue, Polished Blue, Steel, Polished Copper and has a built in fingerprint sensor as the primary security feature.



Xiaomi is launching a new smart phone in India on April 24. This smart phone will be equipped with a 32-megapixel selfie shooter, better battery life and other high-end features

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For last few years, affordable housing has been the talk of the town, in Indian real estate industry. However, it’s a newer trend among the NRIs and it’s being observed that they are taking more interest to buy ‘affordable’ as a viable rental income source. The average ticket size of NRI housing purchases has gone down from INR 70 lakh in FY16 to INR 51.5 lakh in 2018 [according to data from consultant 360 Realtors].

Among all types of investment options, real estate has always been a favorite investment asset class for non-resident Indians. NRIs with higher purchasing power have always been interested in purchasing luxury properties; however, in recent times, they are showing more inclination toward affordable homes as they bring better capital appreciation.

Affordable housing is expected to give returns of 8-10 percent for NRIs followed by 6-8 percent for mid-segment, 3-5 percent for luxury and 2-3 percent for ultra-luxury properties [according to a survey by Anarock Property Consultants].

Before 2015, investing in luxury properties was a far more lucrative option for the NRIs. Then came a wave of benchmark changes in the Indian real estate industry in the form of recession, demonetization, the RERA, and GST while the entire scenario of NRI-investment witnessed a paradigm shift and it started bending toward commercial properties and affordable segment as they promised higher yields.

According to statistics, investment by NRIs in the domestic property market, from $ 5 billion in 2014 to $ 10.2 billion in 2018 and the market is expected to touch $ 180 billion by 2020 [Source:].

In days to come, besides affordable homes, co-working spaces, shared accommodation, commercial, light industrial, warehousing and logistics segments are expected to see more NRI investments, say experts. 

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