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Mr. Manjunath R Talks About The 'Smart Cities' Initiative At Smart Green Summit And Awards, 2016

Mr. Manjunath R, AVP - Engineering & Commercial - DSP Design Associates Pvt. Ltd., talks about the 'Smart Cities' initiative and how it's a collective responsibility of Architect fraternity

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Once in a while, we all have experienced unexpected flight delays or long layovers and probably wondered how not to be bored sitting at the airport. As this is a fairly common phenomenon, we thought we should give out some useful tips to you! Here are some:

Making plans for the upcoming time – When you are traveling to a city or a country, you might be traveling for work or leisure. No matter what the purpose of your upcoming trip, you would get some extra time to plan ahead when your flight is delayed or you are in transit. So, it’s a good idea to utilize the time at the airport to make itineraries, do bookings and things like that. This is even more useful in case of a delayed flight as in that case, you are looking at a delayed arrival at your destination point and would have less time to complete the assigned activities.

Take a long walk and observe – In our busy lives, we don’t get much time to stroll around much. In case of a delayed flight or a stop-over, instead of sitting and getting bored, it’s a good idea to take a leisurely walk through the airport. Most big airports have branded stores, activity centers such as Spa, Gym etc. and you can explore them if just walking around doesn’t appeal to you. However, just walking around watching travelers from around the world can be an enticing experience in itself, for some.

This idea may not be very effective in smaller airports. In such cases, you might think of taking a guided, short city trip if time permits.

Serious reading – Are you an avid reader? Do you like visiting bookstores, every now and then? Free time at an airport is when you can do both. Pick a book or two of your choice and if you like reading, you won’t even realize where the extra time flew by. However, make sure that keep an eye on the displays in case you aren’t sure about the wait time, as most of the airports are silent ones, these days.

Therapy animals – This one is a little off-beat idea but would work wonderfully if you are lucky to have been stuck at an airport which has this facility. After a stressful trip or just like that, explore if you have this facility; you stress would go away, for sure!

In India, most airlines are known to be on time except unavoidable circumstances. The private low-cost airlines Indigo has actually maintained an enviable record for timeliness.

(Image Courtesy: Abu Dhabi World)      

Long before ‘solo travel’ became a social media fad, truly adventurous souls have explored unchartered places, on their own and came back enriched and as better people.

When we travel in a group, be it with friends, family or strangers in conducted tours, we move with restrictions. On such cases, we move in groups, as per itinerary set by group conductors and there are many things which we or don’t get to do, to accommodate plans and wishes of others. That’s why, once in a while, we all should plan to spend some time alone, away from the mundane life and familiar locations.

Here are a few benefits of traveling alone:

Finding solitude - In our so-called connected world of internet and digital conversation, we are fast becoming detached from our own selves. Solitude gives us wonderful opportunities to get reacquainted with our own thoughts, talk to ourselves and introspect. Once in a few months, we should plan to take a break, even if it’s just for a couple of days, to travel solo and rediscover ourselves.

Pursuing hobbies – In our busy lives, we do not really get time to do what our inner ‘us’ wants us to do. Things like reading, writing, nature-walking, cooking are examples of such hobby activities which are difficult to cultivate within the madness of our daily lives. If you are feeling strong about not spending enough time doing what you really like to do, think about a few days break and travel somewhere, alone. This will give you time and opportunity to pursue your hobby and it’s guaranteed that you would come back, recharged.

Future plan – Every now and then, we need to take a pause and reassess our life choices. These choices include our career decisions, interpersonal relationships, personal growth etc. If we don’t make time off, we won’t really get to think about them on daily basis. That’s why it’s important to go solo somewhere so that we can rethink, reconsider and plan our future without any disturbance from any fellow travelers.

Boosting confidence – There are a few among us who face confidence challenges once in a while. In our growing up years, we mostly remain surrounded by family and friends and in the process; a few of us grew up to become individuals with compromised confidence. When we travel alone, we face different issues which we are needed to tackle on our own. Finding ourselves in a ‘situation’ and learning how to make our way out, is probably the best way to boost confidence.

Travel planners and organizers are many in numbers and there are a few who have solo travel plans to offer. Explore makemytrip, or for great deals on hotels and other types of accommodation.

Do you find it difficult to keep your kids hydrated? Are you confused about what drink would be the best for your little ones? Here is some useful information for you:

There is no doubt that water and milk are the two best drinks for the kids and one should keep them completely away from all types of sugary drinks such as packaged fruit drinks, flavored water, energy drinks or soft drinks.

Though water is the most essential drink for the kids as it keeps the body hydrated but it does not contain all the essential nutrients required by their bodies. This is why kids should also consume milk and freshly made fruit juice, regularly.

Milk being the most balanced and complete drink for the kids, should be consumed by them, daily. In urban areas, where obtaining farm-fresh milk is a challenge, packaged milk of renowned brands such as Amul or Nestle are good options. However, parents should be careful about the fact that some kids can be lactose intolerant and the kids who are so, can’t consume milk. Milk or no milk, kids should also be given adequate fresh fruit and vegetable juice as they are the natural source of nutrients. However, parents should be careful that any artificial sweetener is harmful for kids, especially their teeth. So, one should stick to natural sweeteners such as honey or dates to make them appealing for kids.

Another challenge for the parents is to bring variety in the taste of the drinks so the kids find them interesting for daily consumption. Smoothie is a good option as one can mix and match flavors of various fruits and veggies and one present interesting flavor combination for the children. Try different taste such as tangy, sweet or a little spicy, be innovative and your kids are going to love their drinks.

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people in love can’t wait to celebrate this special day, dedicated to love. If we don’t be very critical, we would agree with the fact that in cities where lovers have very few places to enjoy each other’s company. This is one day when they deserve to have a good time and here’s a little help from our end:

PALM GROVE, RAMADA: Choose to spend a relaxing evening at the Tangerine Café in Ramada Plaza and relish the multi-cuisine buffet and the live counters. The place offers a good ambiance and value-for-money food.

THE CHAMBERS, TAJ LANDS END:   If you aren’t concerned to remain within budget, try The Chambers at Taj Lands End. The place is ideal for a romantic escapade in a set-up for two on the Chambers Terrace. Treat your partner in a royal manner; as the experience here can be made personalized as per your preferences. Here, one thing you should remember and that is Chambers is a member only club.

BREEZE LOUNGE: This place is known to be one of the best romantic places in Mumbai. It’s an open-to-air lounge, offering a beautiful view of Powai Lake. The service, ambience and view all are first-rate and the food that they serve is vegetarian.

DOME, HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL: If you love to visit Marine Drive with your partner, this place is your best bet. This classy place offers a mesmerizing view of Marine Drive and serves delicious finger-foods. If you spend your special day, here at Dome, it’s confirmed that you won’t forget this date anytime soon.

This Valentine’s Day, try any of the above places for a memorable experience with your chosen one

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2019 is going to be the year of disruptive technology. Many industries will get shaped and transformed for better with the help of this technology. Not just shaping industries, disruptive technology is also expected to open up new avenues of research and innovations.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT: Artificial Intelligence a.k.a AI is already a buzz word in the world of technology and engineering. Going forward in 2019 also it will continue to be a trend as we have seen just the beginning of the massive possibilities that AI has. AI would develop more in areas like mimicking human intelligence and carry out tasks such as recognizing of images, speech etc. Wayblazer uses language recognition API for the travel industry. Spotify, the music and video streaming services uses deep learning to provide music recommendations.

MACHINE LEARNING: With AI innovations, machine learning will continue bringing scientific breakthroughs in 2019. AI and machine learning will converge to produce better outcomes. Advancement in learning languages like machine learning etc. will make AI more powerful. China is going to remain in the forefront of AI advancement. Google is one of the biggest brands to use machine learning algorithm.

SUPERCOMPUTING: Though Quantum Computing is still an emerging technology, it is one of the most significant development scientists have been working on. A fully developed quantum computer a.k.a. supercomputer would surely change of the face of the human civilization.

AUGMENTED REALITY: More research in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will remain a talked-about technology in 2019 as well.  Till now we see more of R+ (AR, VR & MR summarized) in Video gaming; however, moving forward we would see more of it in engineering, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries.

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Ayurveda has been around for centuries and India has always been at the heart of Ayurvedic mainland. So, it’s no wonder that Indian entrepreneurs are venturing into Ayurvedic produces, bringing various types of cosmetic products for women as well as men. Let’s have a look at the popular brands which are doing well in this:

KAMA: Kama Ayurveda is an established brand which has a huge product range. They say that all their products are authentic and are 100% vegetarian. A few of their popular products have won many beauty awards and price of almost all of their products fall in the upper category. 

ARYA ESSENTIALS: A team of Indian doctors came together to formulate Arya Essentials’ range of products. All of their products are produced by following the principles of Ayurveda, by using the ingredients from nature such as Ashwagandha, Manjistha, Brahmi etc.

KHADI NATURAL: Khadi Natural’s products are all about quality, genuineness and purity. They have been one of the leading manufacturers of herbal items in India and have been delivering personalized beauty treatment for all skin and hair types.

SOULTREE: As unique as their name, SoulTree’s business model too is. SoulTree is a beauty brand that sources its ingredients from NGOs who work closely with rural communities. This renowned brand has BDIH accreditation.  One should try their travel kit as well.

FOREST ESSENTIALS: As per the ancient Ayurveda philosophy everything in this universe has been shaped from the five basic elements, or Panchamahabhutas. At Forest Essentials, this theory is put in practice and is followed through the entire production process. Try their various skin care products for best results in natural way.

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