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Rahul Yadav joins Anuj Puri’s ANAROCK as CTO

Rahul Yadav Joins Anuj Puri’s ANAROCK As CTO

Real Estate evangelist Anuj Puri has recently launched ANAROCK - a Property Consultants Residential Brokerage, Fund & Investment Platform. This Monday it was announced that the company has appointed former co-founder & CEO of Rahul Yadav as Chief Product and Technology Officer.

Rahul Yadav has an illustrated portfolio of various technological innovations in online real estate space including setting up the hugely successful real estate search portal where he also pioneered the verified listings and database property search approach for the first time in India.

Before joining ANAROCK, Rahul also advised Lodha Group for a brief period.

"This appointment is in line with ANAROCK's highly technology-driven orientation and business model for its residential advisory services. The online real estate business is still in its fledgling stage in India and we are taking the lead on boosting it into maturity. So far, the real estate sector has not been able to emulate the success of ecommerce for consumer durables and services. We intend to change that, and Rahul Yadav's experience in harnessing the consumer housing market at via technology will add the key element. The cutting-edge and highly consumer-focused technology platform and support infrastructure we will build here will bring in a complete transformation of the residential property business," said Puri.

"I consider my appointment as Chief Product and Technology Officer at ANAROCK Property Consultants the logical next step in my career and it is of course a complete privilege to work with an outstanding industry leader like Anuj Puri. Given my product and technology background, I am fascinated by the highly tech-driven approach that ANAROCK is adopting for its residential real estate business and I already feel very much at home here. I am extremely excited as I look at the immediate and long-term future of this company as a result of these innovations," said Rahul. (As quoted by The Business Standard)

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