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It’s that time of the year! Go rent the place of your choice

It’s That Time Of The Year Go Rent The Place Of Your Choice

Come April-May and professionals across industries gear up for performance appraisals, yearly bonuses and job switches. It’s that time of the year when a lot of people especially young professionals move places, cities, better and/or bigger rented houses and spend time in choosing the right deals and locations.

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Location is probably the most important factor that a tenant considers. This is an important factor that one doesn’t want to compromise on and most people are willing to pay higher if the property is located near their work place and they can save travel time and hassles. It is also believed that people are even willing to compromise on other amenities, if they are in a location that helps them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. A safe and decent neighborhood which also offers proximity to markets, hospitals, banks, police stations and highways, is crucial while renting a house.

In the Initial time of shifting to a new city most of us take time to absorb into the lifestyle or pace of the new place. We juggle between new responsibilities at work place and personal life; hence it’s advisable to stay close to the work place even if the budget stretches a bit.

The most important factor probably is the commute time, in order to minimize commuting hassles one should think of taking up accommodations in little older buildings near to the office location as they will not demand high rent compared to the gated complex (Amenities like Gym, Swimming pool etc are easily accessible in the near vicinity at a lesser cost as compared to gated complexes).

The other good part of older buildings is that they will have larger livable area inside the apartment. Even an unfurnished apartment is a good deal as one doesn’t necessarily have to invest in buying furniture; these days they are available on rent locally and also through Apps which provide furniture on rent.

Commuting from nearby areas to office also has become little of a hassle thanks to Cab aggregators like Uber, Ola etc., especially their share rides.

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Budget is a concern for most junior-to-mid level professionals and there are a lot to shell-out in form of advanced rent, security deposit, agent’s commission, moving-in cost, shifting etc. We suggest one should plan it ahead and put aside an amount every month toward this goal. One may try new Apps in the market in order to eliminate the broker’s involvement and can save money. Investing in fancy furniture etc. is not advisable until one is moving to a place for a long tenure as bulky furniture tends to get damaged during shifting.

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Basic Amenities such as parking space, pipe gas connection, ample storage space etc. would make a lot of difference and one shouldn’t hurry and close a deal, overlooking such primary necessities.

Moving to a new city can be stressful. If one is considering that for professional or a personal reason, a planner is highly recommended where one should be keeping all the data handy such as emergency numbers of the new place, essential info about the neighborhood, vendors’ details etc. While there are no real shortcuts to moving cities, there are certainly things one can do to make the process organized and smooth.

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It is important to be aware of the Tenancy laws and the rights/obligations of a tenant and a landlord. For example a tenant is entitled to reimbursement for any repairs that he/she carries out that are the landlord's responsibility or the landlord is only allowed to enter the rented home with his tenant’s permission.

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