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Indian women are making their presence felt in Real Estate industry & how!

Indian Women Are Making Their Presence Felt In Real Estate Industry & How!

Real Estate – a man’s world?

Real Estate is not a world of particularly pretty things, it largely lacks the glam factor of other corporate sectors and women aren’t supposed to be comfortable amidst steel, concrete, bricks and mortar! Well, gone are those days. Indian women are embracing the unusual and making foray into the world of Real Estate with aggression, authority and dynamism. Of course there are still some misconceptions and there are more challenges for the women professionals in this industry but time surely is changing.

Indian women & Real Estate

When we think Real Estate, most of the times we think a ‘home’ and who better than a woman can understand the emotions attached with a home. They are called ‘homemakers’ for a reason! 

Women have stepped into this industry for two major purposes, one being the rewarding careers and financial independence coming with it and the other is Real Estate companies were quick to realize the vision and values brought by women leaders. In similar line with banking, finance, IT and many other corporate sectors Indian Real Estate sector is moving ahead with bringing more women on board to generate value by improving market vision, enhancing board dynamics and improving corporate values.

The golden ‘work-life’ balance

Ms. Lucy Roychoudhury, Director Sales & Marketing – Runwal Homes believes that Real Estate industry like any other industry presents its own challenges but a woman is better equipped to deal with such challenges because a woman is a born multi-tasker and a natural when it comes to problem solving, be it at home or at work. She states it’s important to strike a perfect balance between one’s family and professional lives as a woman plays many vital roles namely mother, wife, daughter and a professional. When asked, she mentions that it’s the responsibility of every woman to uplift the spirit of other women at work place and in life and that’s how true woman empowerment can be ensured.

Ms. Mona Menon, CEO – Marshall Wallcoverings stresses upon the importance of a strong support system of family & friends. She believes that it’s purely a matter of perception about how one particular industry is easier or difficult for women and a lot would depend on an individual’s efforts and commitments. She also mentions how her parents supported her decision of joining the business and how they didn’t discriminate between her and her brother when it came to professional and business decisions. Most importantly, she states that be it home or the work place, it’s all about being empathetic towards people and women are probably better in managing people.

Ms. Punam Mishra, Chief Marketing Officer, Wings Lifespaces believes that Real Estate industry offers excellent growth opportunities for women and is no different when it comes to challenges and rewards. She proudly says that the way a woman makes her home a beautiful space; she is equally capable of making a workplace better in many ways by the virtue of her empathy and acumen. She reminded all the aspiring women out there to stay committed to their professional goals while they manage their personal lives.


Changing times

In Real Estate sector, women are proving their grit and excelling at every level by playing instrumental roles as leaders and managers. Women aren’t looked upon as outsiders in Real Estate industry, anymore. The perception is changing for better.

Real estate business requires diligence and a lot of analytical skills; today’s Indian women surely fit the bill.

This Women’s day, let the aspiring women shine brighter in Real Estate business and inspire million of other women who are looking for respectable ways to be financially independent and prosper.

Happy Women’s Day to all beautiful women out there!

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