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Handy tips to keep your home monsoon ready

Handy Tips To Keep Your Home Monsoon Ready

The sweet rain
You can either love monsoon or hate it, but you can’t ignore it! So, the great Indian South West monsoon is here and while we enjoy the rain and the cool weather, let it not hamper your daily life.

We believe, by this time you have already planned duly for the monsoon months, such as the weekend gateways, monsoon special recipes, healthcare plans etc. but do you have a plan to protect your home, furniture and gadgets from the incessant rain; if not, read on…

Moisture control
High humidity is one of the biggest downsides of the wet months and dampening of the walls is unavoidable if you don’t have a proper waterproofing on the walls. If unattended the walls will emanate a dreadful damp smell. The easier solution will be a dehumidifier or an ioniser.

Furniture care

There are many pockets in almost every Indian city which invariably get flooded during monsoon months. Here are a few things you should be doing to control damage to your expensive furniture aside blaming the civic authorities, of course!

Make sure you get your homes tested for termites before monsoon arrives. Move your outside furniture to inside the house if you think there’s a chance of heavy downpour. Wooden furniture tends absorb moisture and swell up; it’s a good idea to cover them in plastic. Wax treatment also is a good way to keep the furniture moisture-free.

The Gadgets

You have spent a lot on those electrical gadgets, now is the time that you should take good care of them to avoid damage and potential electrical hazards. Staying indoors and enjoy a day off in monsoon can be very relaxing but what if the humidity levels are high and you need to switch on the AC to stay comfortable?

Get your ACs checked thoroughly by a professional electrician to avoid faulty service. It’s a good idea to invest in an air conditioner with an anti-bacteria filter as it effectively stops breeding of germs inside the room.

Monsoon is a time when faulty electrical connections poses greater risk of short-circuit. Be careful and fix it if any before it leads you to dangerous accidents. Unplug all electrical appliances and equipments during a stormy weather or in case of a thunderstorm.

Deal with the smell

Wet cloths plus damped furniture plus humidity equal to foul smell all around. A bug screen or insect mesh is a good way to be able to keep the windows open while restricting the bugs to enter your home. The air flow and occasional sunlight will keep your house well ventilated and odor-free. During rainy months keep your expensive carpets, rugs etc. packed as they tend to get dirty during the rains. When wet, they will release uncomfortable smell.

Similarly, invest in a trendy umbrella stand to keep your wet umbrellas tucked or else water dripping from them can create messy interiors.

Try using lemon and vinegar to deal with foul smell from your home. You keep also consider neem leaves for your almirah; it will save your clothes from bad smell. Alternatively, you can try naphthalene balls and rock salt to do away with the smell.

Think of investing in aromatic candles, room freshener or incense sticks as per your preference to give your house pleasant smell.

Most importantly…

Cleaning is a must during monsoon months. Keep your furniture and floor clean and check for puddles of water around your house which can help deadly mosquitoes to breed. If there’s any accumulation of rain water near your house or on terrace, make sure you empty them regularly.

Keep a well stocked first-aid kit in house so that you remain prepared for any sudden attack of headache, cold, cough, fever or diarrhea.

Follow these simple tips and you will be rain-ready in no time. Time to enjoy the chai-pakoda!

Authored by 9amstories Editorial

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