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Gardening Is A Great Stress-buster

Balcony vegetable gardening

Gardening is a great stress-buster and a creative hobby which can be an enriching experience for anybody. But our spaces are getting scarce every day, especially in city homes where it’s a challenge to accommodate the essentials let alone plants. Hence, Gardening as a hobby is taking a back-stage in modern time.

So, what do you do?
You use your spare space wisely and make use of the small open areas such as your balcony for Gardening. It can play a huge role to make you relaxed, contented and truly happy.

There’s a saying “There are no Gardening mistakes, only experiments” which means you are allowed to apply your own mind, be creative and try a number of techniques to make it work for you. But, we thought, we can help you to get started by sharing a few simple tips...

  • Go Vertical: In modern cramped apartments, nurturing a Garden may seem to be a luxury. Going vertical is a good way to save space and it also adds glamour to your interior. You can try growing Lettuce, Radish in your vertical Garden space
  • The container Garden: Another innovative and cost effective way is container Gardening. Here you choose a right-sized container (Ideally not less than 15” wide and 12” deep) and the right type of plants as the roots need enough space to grow. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Green Onions are among the vegetables that will be easier to grow in containers
  • Mix Colors: When you are Gardening in a small space, especially your balcony, the space can look congested. So, to add color and character to your Garden you can try bright color containers, pots etc. This will make your space look vibrant and bright
  • Window Boxes: If you have a real space crunch, you can try Window Boxes. You can start at a basic level and can try some leafy veggies such as Basil, Lettuce etc. It’s a great way to plant as your windowsill would always get enough sunlight and it also will give your otherwise boring-looking windowsill an elegant look

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So, wait no more! Start planning, choose your favorite veggies or flowers, get your hand soiled, experiment, learn and let your Garden grow as far as your creativity goes.

Create your own masterpiece, start Gardening today…

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