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IPL 2019: Netflix To Stream Documentary Of Mumbai Indians


Rubco Echoes Kerala’s Rich Culture And Valor

Kerala state Rubber Co-operative Ltd. (Rubco) has a special character in the business arena and it has done something which is beyond just doing business. The company has redefined the way the co-operative sector functions and set the pace for the co-operative movement in Kerala today, the brand’s corporate site says.

Founded in 1997, Rubco started its journey with the objective of effectively utilizing the plentiful rubber resources of Kerala. Today, from a single unit company, Rubco has grown into a Rs.280 crore conglomerate with well-diversified operations and a market presence extending beyond the boundaries of Kerala.

Rubco manufactures and markets a variety of products. Their product range starts from footwear to furniture, from panel board to sleeping systems, from treat Rubber to coconut oil. The brand also manages multiple businesses such as Rubco Hawai Chappal Factory, Rubco Rubberised Coir Mattress Factory, Rubco Virgin Coconut Oil Project, Rubco Rubber Compound Mixing Plant etc.

 Rubco has also entered into technological alliances with world leaders in the respective fields; the brand has done substantial investments in modern manufacturing facilities. Rubco is managed professionally by industry experts and ably supported by a committed workforce.  Rubco is now poised to enter a high growth phase, with several new initiatives that will take the Group on a path of expansion and diversification.

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The Queens Of Corporate India

India has finally started recognizing, valuing and celebrating her ‘super girls’ who are out there to conquer the corporate world. Women have always been superstars of their territories but for a long time, the corporate world was considered to be a man’s forte. But in modern India, more and more women are proving themselves in all spheres of life including entrepreneurship and highest level of corporate management.

Here are a few of the super women from the corporate world who have not just made their families proud but also the country:

Indu Jain

Who doesn’t know Times of India? But only a few would know that Indu Jain who belongs to the Sahu Jain family is the current chairperson of India’s largest media group, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., which owns the Times of India and other large newspapers.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

The chairman and MD of Biocon, Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a woman of strong will and iron determination which has led her company to become one of the biggest biotechnology brands of the country. She is also one of the richest women in India.

Naina Lal Kidwai

Naina Lal Kidwai is the country head of HSBC, who has played a critical role in monitoring functions and services of this bank throughout her career. She was the first woman to head an international bank and also the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard Business School.

Indra Nooyi

One of the most well-known faces amongst successful Indian women entrepreneurs -Indra Nooyi is the CFO and President of PepsiCo. Beginning her career in India, Nooyi held product manager positions at Johnson & Johnson and textile firm Mettur Beardsell. Nooyi joined PepsiCo in 1994 and was named president and CFO in 2001. Her strong acumen for business has helped the company garner 30 billion dollars worth of crucial deals within two years.

Mallika Srinivasan

Mallika Srinivasan has made a name for herself in a primarily male dominated industry. She is the chairman and CEO of Tractors And Farm Equipment (TAFE). A graduate from Wharton School, Mallika has taken TAFE to rank among the top three tractor companies.

Let's pray our tribute to all the iron ladies of our country who are making us proud, not just on Women’s Day, but every day.

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The Story Of Mysore Paints

If we say Mysore, the immediate thought that probably would come in your mind is ‘Mysore Paak’ – the sinful, delicious, sweet dish that is. But ask a native of Mysore, he would give you a list of hundred things and places in Mysore which are mention-worthy and his list would probably the name of ‘Mysore Paints’, the famous paint brand which has been coloring Mysore’s walls since 1937.

The underlying principle behind the factory of Mysore Paints was to provide employment opportunities to the locals and for effective utilization of the natural resources of the forest. The item called “Lac” was used for the manufacture of sealing waxes. – the brand’s website states.

The company was founded by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, then the Maharaja of Mysore province under the nomenclature “Mysore Lac & Paint Works Ltd”. During 1989, it was renamed as “Mysore Paints & Varnish Ltd. The above unit was turned into a public Limited company during 1947.

The company’s product range is as colorful as its journey and they produce the followings:

  • Industrial coatings
  • Specialties like indelible ink, road marking paint etc.
  • Epoxy paints & primers
  • Decorative coatings etc.

The company has facilities including MPVL which has 6 important departments, land & building (the company owns 7 acres of land in the heart of the city, reserves & surplus and a sophisticated R&D centre.

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Corporate Storytelling Is A Must To Engage With Your Customers

What is Corporate Story Telling?

The modern business world has become a highly competitive place where sustenance of the firm is the key. This is where strategies such as corporate storytelling get its role to play. It is the very aspect of a story, that it captures people’s attention and makes them remember, that makes corporate storytelling a wonderful step towards progress. We, as human beings have always liked stories, right from the bedtime childhood fairy tales to the famous novels of Chetan Bhagat and Ruskin Bond!

Corporate Story Telling, as the name suggests, is the spectacular way of establishing a strong bond with the common people. By the way of bringing the story of the brand, the organization and the company to life, it brings the people to become more of a part of the goal or vision that the organization strives to reach. It is, in fact, the entire population or the common man that makes the organization on the whole. This people includes all stakeholders related to the organization, the customers, the employees, shareholders and so on.

It is often the story of the entrepreneur or the emergence of the brand that takes the stage of attraction in people’s mind. One epitome of this kind of an entrepreneur-personality is Steve Jobs of Apple. It is truly inspiring to hear about the emergence of Apple Computers and is even today a hot chat-topic among the millennial worldwide.

The Significance of Corporate Story Telling - How does it affect the consumer engagement?

"Stories are a communal currency of humanity." -- Tahir Shah, inArabian Nights

Being one of the effective marketing strategies, corporate storytelling has its unique way of connecting with people. The organization and its brand reach the public with the help of the emotional content that story-telling focusses upon. People, which includes you and me, are better able to relate themselves to the organization, its goals, and purposes. Gradually, we are drawn to become the audience of the firm.

A very vital aspect to be talked about when discussing the benefits of corporate storytelling is customer loyalty. When we consider the SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) of an organization, the major threat that often stands strong is customer loyalty. And an interesting fact is that those who have won them have never had to look back! When people get connected to the organization’s visions, it gets tough for competitors to deviate them and gain the market share. Even studies on advertising have revealed that it is more of the emotional responses to an ad that captures the audience more than the content of the advertisement.

We have classic examples of this. Even the Google’s reunion ad, which narrates the story of a granddaughter tracking down her grandfather’s childhood friend, whom he had not met after the separation between India and Pakistan, is a prominent example. Another exemplary of successful storytelling is by Nike. Nike is always known for their brand-people connectivity and one major source for this is simply their corporate storytelling!

Story Telling as a boon to the corporate – Is it necessary?

‘Corporate Story Telling’ is not a new concept. It started way back in the 1980s and the only change that occurs is the variation in dimensions and methods used to tell the stories. Earlier, corporate histories were connected with people’s meaningful stories. Today, with the advancement in technology and social media, we have even had campaigns with ‘hashtags’ that connect organizations with their target customers.

It is actually one of the best strategies, or in better terms, a ‘marketing technique or tool’ to gain the audience for business. We cannot also deny the fact that the storytelling renders positivity and enhances unity in human society. Corporate communities are created out of this method of corporate storytelling. Thus, an authentic, passionate story of the organization never fails to connect with the people’s heart. To put it in layman terms, powerful brands really know what corporate storytelling can do for their bottom line. They recognize the impact of a good story on their business, and consequently, every business now wants to ‘tell a story’.

The actual knack of telling a story – Getting it right!

"The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions."

-- Michael Margolis

As mentioned earlier, we see the power of story-telling is not small for the corporate world. But most often, corporates just get stuck after getting the advice. They find it difficult to proceed from a particular point, that is, how and what is the storytelling techniques? What are the good examples of business story-telling to learn from? What can make the story capture the heart of the public and convert them to followers and buyers? All these questions are vital aspects to be thought about for making progress in the business.

So, let’s get to what actually works behind the success in story-telling. Basically defined, corporate storytelling is the strategic technique of using content to convey the message you wish to convey to the audience, being a good salesperson. This way turns out to create a bigger impact than the traditional advertising methods. Next, given the development in technology, the business world is more transparent and it becomes obvious that customers demand more. This means that the story that is told must be capable of influencing the customer behavior for the business to prosper. Stories help change the perception and deepen the relationship between the customer and the brand. The next important feature to concentrate upon is making the story interesting (inclusion of a dramatic element) to reach the right audience. Context, trust, and simplicity are three normal but powerful words to be set as standards for the story.Being consistent is another important thing to remember. As mentioned earlier, Apple and Nike are the best examples.

Techniques to improve corporate storytelling

Here are a few steps that can be followed to improve corporate storytelling –

  1. Focus on the key driver of your business – for example, the entrepreneur’s story, etc.
  2. Bring an adventurous dimension to the story – people are often attracted to something which is unconventional and different from normal life and stereotypes.
  3. Seek advice, training and equip yourself with the help of experts in the world.
  4. Measure your competitors and their strengths and adopt a suitable strategy in story-telling.
  5. Usage of modern media and technology – with the growth of Youtube and SEO, story-telling has never been easier.

It is also important to keep the following things in mind to make the storytelling better –

  1. The mode of delivery of the story
  2. It need not be unique
  3. It is vital to have a consistent strategy to be followed.
  4. The marketing campaigns must possess an anticipation element
  5. Remember, “People don’t buy ‘WHAT they buy’, but they buy ‘WHY they buy’ (Simon Sinek)
  6. The story must relate to the dreams of the target audience
  7. A memorable content is a must in storytelling

It is true just as Rudyard Kipling once said, “If History were taught in the form of stories it would never be forgotten!”

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Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards Honour Food And Grocery Retailers

BIG BAZAAR wins large format Food and Grocery Retail Award

The second day of the 11th annual mega congregation of the India Food Forum held in Mumbai last evening culminated with the Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards, which honoured outstanding achievers among India’s leading food service chains and food & grocery retailers.

The jury comprised of distinguished personalities in the field of research and consulting with thorough insights into the business of foodservice/ food & grocery and included Ajay Macaden (Executive Director, Nielsen India), Ankur Shiv Bhandari (Founder & CEO, Asbicon Group), B. S. Nagesh (Founder, TRRAIN), Harminder Sahni (Founder & Md, Wazir Advisors), Sunil Kumar (Alagh Founder & Chairman, SKA Advisors), Prof. Ravi Dhar (Yale School of Management), Harish Bijoor (Founder / Harish Bijoor Consults), Saloni Nangia (President, Technopak India),Rama Bijapurkar (Expert Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behavior) among others.

The three categories of awards were:

  • Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2018 powered by Dukes: Images Awards for Excellence in Food and Grocery Retail
  • IMAGES Food Service Awards
  • IMAGES Food Startups and Innovation Awards

Here is the list of winners across different categories: -


  • IMAGES Most Admired F & G Retailer of the Year - Big Bazaar
  • IMAGES Most Admired Specialty Store - Nuts & Spices
  • IMAGES Most Admired National Supermarket - Easyday
  • IMAGES Most Admired National Supermarket - Easyday
  • IMAGES Most Admired Human Resource Policies & Initiatives - HyperCity
  • IMAGES Most Admired Category Performer of the Year - Nitin Bhujbale, Category Manager, Beverages,Trent Hypermarket and Saif Kohari, Category Manager, Processed Food, Savories & Confectionery, Trent Hypermarket
  • IMAGES Excellence Award: Regional Chains - Modern Bazaar & Ratnadeep Supermarkets
  • IMAGES Most Admired Retailer of The Year of The Year: Technology Implementation in Store Operations & Loyalty Programs - SPAR - 3D virtual show room
  • IMAGES Most Admired Brand Retailer Partnership - Star Bazaar & Ferrero
    • 1st Runner-Up: bigbasket & Ayush
    • 2nd Runner-up: Spencer’s & Kissan
  • IMAGES Most Admired Innovation In Food Ingredients, Products & Processes - Future Consumer - Desi Atta
    • Runner-up: HUL - Knorr Croutons
  • IMAGES Most Admired Innovation In Retail Offering, Formats & Services - Wow! Momo – Innovative Formats
    • Runner-up: HyperCity - India's First Self-Checkout Store
  • IMAGES Most Admired Marketing & Promotions - HUL - Kissan Engagement Platform
    • 1st Runner-up: HUL - Knorr Confused Bhook
    • 2nd Runner-up: Travel Food Services – Indonesian Food Festival


  • Cafe Delhi Heights (Café/Restaurant, Delhi) MD, Vikrant Batra
  • KOI - Asia Dining (Asian Restaurant, Goa) Chef-cum-Partner Shefali Gandhi
  • Loyal World (F&G Store, Bangalore) Executive Director Shabeer Ali
  • Brown Tree (F&G Store, Chennai) MD Dinesh Kumar


  • IMAGES Most Admired Foodservice Retailer of the year: Cafes and Juice Bars - Starbucks
  • IMAGES Most Admired Foodservice Retailer of the Year: QSR Indian Origin - Wow! Momo
  • IMAGES Most Admired Foodservice Retailer of the Year: Pubs & Bars - The Beer Café
  • IMAGES Most Admired Foodservice Retailer of the Year: Ice Cream & Dessert Parlours - The Chocolate Room
  • IMAGES Most Admired Foodservice Retailer of the year: DINE-IN - Paradise (Casual Dine in)
  • IMAGES Most Admired Foodservice Retailer of the year: DINE-IN - Copper Chimney (Fine Dine in)
  • IMAGES Most Admired Foodservice Retailer of the year: One Specific Outlet - A Reverie
  • IMAGES Most Admired Food Court of the year: Food Quest, Elante Chandigarh (North), GVK One, Hyderabad (South), Q Court, Quest Mall, Kolkata (East) and Phoenix Marketcity, Pune (West)
  • IMAGES Excellence Award - Burger King
  • IMAGES Most Admired Food Service Group of the Year - Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality


  • IMAGES Most Admired Food Startups of the Year:
    • Frshly
    • Thickshake Factory
    • Jarlie
    • Earthy Tale
    • NumberMall


Indian Food Start-ups Get Straight Entry Into Prestigious Amazon Global Launch Pad

Inner Being Wellness, 4700BC Popcorn and Earthy Tales share honours at India Food Forum

Bringing in disruption in changing the food taste in India, three start-ups clinched honours to be a part of the prestigious Amazon Global Launch Pad held at the India Food Forum 2018 here late evening Thursday.

The three start-ups -- Inner Being Wellness, 4700BC Popcorn and Earthy Tales, were selected out of 16 shortlisted over 184 in all. The 16-start-ups presented their ideas, execution strategy, implementation stages and payoff to an eminent jury panel of 16 members.

Congratulating the three winners - Amandeep Lohan, Head, Amazon Launchpad said, “The Amazon launch pad will work with the start-ups, who will have privileged access to a number of tools and mechanisms that will help launch products, get them discovered, build their brand, and help sell globally. These include inclusion in the curated Amazon Launchpad store, the one-stop destination to find products from entrepreneurial companies, seller development including account management and customized recommendations on product launches and enhanced quality content with unique product page experience and support to go global.”

The Launchpad is a unique program showcasing unique and exciting products from startups around the world, making it easy for them to launch new products to millions of Amazon customers. The Amazon Launchpad storefront offers customers a one-stop shop to discover a curated selection of cool and innovative products from entrepreneurial companies. Current Amazon Launchpad marketplaces include: US, UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan and India.

Among the three winners, Inner Being believes in the power of pure plant extracts, ancient wisdom and their synergy with modern research methodology while 4700BC Popcorn of Zea Maize has innovated different flavours by refining and funneling to the levels of ‘micro microns’ to derive unparalleled quality of taste and hygiene in popcorn segment.

Earthy Tales believes in ‘Farmers First’ and has encouraged and mentored farmers on going back to the age-old techniques of farming by using natural resources (cow dung, cow urine, neem, dhatura etc.) to increase soil fertility and natural pest resistance as also help them attain Organic Certification and reaching their products to the end customers within 24-hours.

Amritha William, Nutritionist and team of Inner Being Wellness; Chirag Gupta, Founder, Zea Maize that has developed the brand 4700BC Popcorn; and Narinder Sondhi, Co-Founder & Mentor, Deepak Sabharwal, Co-founder & CEO and H C Yadav, Co-founder and Mentor and team of Earthy Tales were conferred the award.

Apart from the Amazon awards, the eminent jury had also selected five more start-ups for the Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards and Images Food Start-ups & Innovation Awards that included Frshly (Food Service Aggregator), The Thick Shake Factory (Food Service), Jarlie (Food service), Earthy Tales (Organic Farm to Fork) and Numbermall (B2B platform for food and grocery suppliers and retailers).


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